The research is carried out only from the original sources at the National Archive in Copenhagen and I always send copies of the original documents used during the investigation.

The fee for complete genealogical research, record searching, and consultation is $42.00 (US) per hour for short projects, due in advance. Five hours is normally considered a minimum for new projects. For larger projects (10 hours +) the charge is $39.00 (US) per hour. Special offers can be arranged. Transfers can be made through PayPal.

Identifying relatives or persons that are still alive sometimes require special research, due to governmental restrictions. This may be reflected on the fee which then must also cover expenses to official administration. This will always be arranged and approved in advance.

Danish archival research is my speciality. If you require assistance with your genealogical research or is searching for a Danish relative, I will be able to assist you.


genealogy denmark genealogy denmark

Please use the red "Postkasse" for any question and I will reply as soon as possible, within 48 hours.